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Adult colouring books & pages

Help me help!

Its not about how much we give-

Its about how much LOVE we put into giving!

Colouring for Kenya

A very dear friend of mine, originally from Kenya and now living in Cork, is part of an organisation that help run an orphanage of 44 girls in Kenya.

These young ladies are taken care of and are happy little girls! As you can appreciate there is only so much that the organisation can provide for the girls. Certain things that we class as luxury are especially so for these girls.

My aim with this book is to put together some money to send the girls different items each year that they may not get ordinarily. This year they will be sent a this colouring book along with a set of pencils each.


My aim with this book is put together money each year, from the sale of this book, and send the girls items they may not normally get to themselves and for them only - like a colouring book and pencils. That is what will be sent this year - 1 copy of this book and a pack of good pencils for each girl.

Have your say!!

Do you have an idea for what should be the next thing we save for? What do you think would be a nice gift for the girls to get next year?

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